Michel Lalou devotes his time to writing poems and painting. His poetry, a palette rich in hues, transforms colors into words. Inspired by Provence, where he spent the greater part of his childhood, light, smells, and colors cradled his young impressionable mind.
Under the spell of the region’s landscape, the delicate and sensitive mind flourished under the intense light of vibrant colors, further fueling his imagination with images and sensations. His artistry, a brush of sounds and colors, paints memories born in a paradise of fragrances, sensations, and rays of light – that not only are sensual but tinge towards the erotic on rare occasions – which he masterfully crystalizes in “Moments” resurrecting the past while revealing his different “I’s” the Proust way.

As we fade in and out, in a drifting sea of memories; as we travel through the landscape of the past, which Michel “fishes, captures,” conjuring fleeting sensations, feelings, “Moments,” which rise up to the surface; as he gives birth to beauty, to the ethereal, to the past; as he gives us the unconscious, the conscious, the movements of the human landscape; as we experience with him, the range of emotions from regret to music, to love to jealousy, that he seemlessly weaves in and out of “Moments;” we feel, we see, we experience, and witness the ephemeralness canvas that he paints, that he transfers into to the medium of words and sounds,
describing the undescribable, the hauntings, the feelings of those inner voices, more emotion than reality, which he delivers to give us the passage of time. And it’s not by accident, it’s by design, as Marcel Proust is an important figure in his life – that not only changed his life, but opened-up an entire new world.

Michel Lalou divides his time between New York and Aix-en-Provence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – Gabriel Ray

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