Hi Michel,

It was a pleasure connecting with you in New York last weekend. I’m thrilled about our upcoming collaboration—your artwork is truly mesmerizing, and I see a fantastic opportunity for us to work together.

Our team specializes in enhancing 4 and 5-star hospitality environments with unique, modern, and abstract art that captivates and elevates the space. Your distinct style is the perfect fit for our high-standard projects, offering exactly the fresh and innovative look we aim to provide our clients.

Here’s how we’ll work together: as we agreed on, we will license your artwork for specific projects. For each project, we would acquire a high-resolution image from you, under a negotiated price per print. We then handle all the production, framing, and delivery to the client. Each project involves a unique license agreement, ensuring your artwork is tailored and exclusive to each setting.

Looking forward to our partnership and transforming spaces with your incredible art.

Warm regards,


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