Introducing artist, Michel Lalou!

After viewing Michel Lalou’s beautiful art work on his website,, I wanted to dive into the origin of Michel Lalou’s inspiration to be an artist!

Hold on to your seats, and check out the interview below!

Bria Anderson:  Do you mind expressing further your opening statement on the About page saying, “I have always been haunted by faces.”
Michel Lalou:   Yes, because a face expresses the full spectrum of feelings in an instant. It expresses emotions, and non verbal communication. Facial expressions signal sadness, anger, fear, disgust, happiness, and surprise. As an artist, emotions are key to any creativity and are associated with mood. I think that emotions are the most powerful forces inside us. Why are sophisticated people, artists, luxurious hotels, buying my painting for inside decoration? Because of the emotions they provide. People are looking for emotions. They are looking for art to move them … to express their inner feelings. One is able to nourish their emotions through creativity. You can’t ignore my “faces,” they’re looking at you, talking to you. They cause you to feel. You will discover your state of mind and your mood.

Bria Anderson:  What is the inspiration for your piece below?

Michel Lalou:  Only my subconscious mind knows … it’s the one which guided my brush. (By the way, Freud situated inspiration in the subconscious mind): Again a face! But my FACES are different now. Like many artists, I’m at another level today. Using a minimum of lines, it becomes essential that the force of the emotion which affects everything, be in complete harmony with the brush strokes. You capture with precision, the essence and expressions of the face. A few strokes.

Bria Anderson: What do you like about the world of art ?

Michel Lalou: Again, emotions, creativity, imagination. The art of fashion for example is all about creating stories and emotion that motivate and excite people. A fashion designer knows that color expresses our personality, and our mood. It tells others about who we are. And that’s what Art is all about. Henri Matisse said “Creativity takes courage,” and Baudelaire, one of the most famous French poets stated: “Imagination is the queen of all faculties.” Don’t imitate nature, use instead your creativity, your imagination, your uniqueness. Nourish me, excite me, disturb me, please me. Be an artist!

View another piece from Michel Lalou below!

I love the aesthetic of the art work from Michel Lalou! I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did and if you would love to see more of Michel Lalou’s work, check it out, at! 

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