Artist Statement

Imagine a world where every sensation, every emotion, manifests as a symphony of colors and shapes – the reality I inhabit as an artist with synesthesia. From the gentle caress of a breeze to the tumultuous depths of human emotion, each canvas awaits its paint. There lines dance and shapes unfold in a symphony of color and emotion; where every stroke of the paint is guided by the whispers of sensation and the rhythms of the subconscious mind.

In this creative journey, lines become my muse. In this flow across the canvas; in these lines that spring to life; in these unconscious master strokes that embody all that is beauty, harmony, and sensuality, essences of elegant ladies strolling through cobblestone streets, dancers twirling in graceful arcs, and contemplative men lost in thought are born and forever captured on the canvas.

In this visual world, lines spring forth from all directions, weaving a tapestry of endless possibilities. Here lines furiously converge and intersect; here in this state of artistic abandonment, my hand quickly transcribes, draws, shapes the shapes that emerge, the forms that appear. Here, in these exploding fragments escaping unknowns, brush strokes take hold and lead to the larger narrative waiting to be told. And with artistic careful deliberation, in this artistic chaos of creation, here and with complete control, I select, connect, shape, and give rise to scenes and worlds that intrigue and resonate deep emotions within me.

The influence of Marcel Proust can be seen in my art, as I draw inspiration of memory,perception, and the intricacies of human experience. Like Proust, I strive to capture the essence of fleeting moments, the intangible beauty that lies just beyond our grasp. My work invites you to explore the depths of human experience, from moments of joy and exuberance to quiet contemplation and introspection. Each piece is a reflection of the myriad influences that shape my synesthetic perception—a testament to the boundless possibilities of artistic expression.

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