About The Artist

I have always been haunted by faces. Their power and hold on my being ignite emotions that are too great to ignore. Provoking inspiration, it’s a joy seeing these intense feelings manifest themselves onto the canvas.

Captured spontaneously, it is a wonder that can not be duplicated by technical means. Using a minimal of lines, it becomes essential that the force of the emotion, which affects everything, be in complete harmony with the brush strokes. Otherwise, capturing and conveying with precision the essence and expression of the face remains ever so more elusive.

With its amplifying powers, colors manifest themselves when strokes alone fail. Here, myriad of feelings explode onto the subject, expressing the right emotional state.

A face can express the full spectrum of feelings in an instant. It can paralyze us or liberate us. It can transport us back in time or propel us to worlds we have never known. Its power can penetrate with devasting effect the core of our being and a single look can change the trajectory of our life. Here only expression exists, for the whole universe is understood without words.

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